stake betting appShaanxi Pharmaceutical Group Shanhai Dan Pharmaceutical: Liu Xinming, deputy head of Xunyi County, came to the company to inspect and negotiate
Release time: 2024-05-31 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Source: Shanhai Dan Pharmaceutical

May 29,Liu Xinming, deputy head of Xunyi County Liu Xinming led the Stake Sports BettingChinese medicine health Industrial Park、The heads of China Merchants and other departments come to Shanhai Dan Pharmaceutical Investigation and negotiation。

At the symposium,Wang Jingfeng, Secretary of the Party Committee, introduced the company's history and status quo、Product capacity、Innovation and brand building situation、Future development and strategic positioning。Liu Xinming detailed the advantages of Xunyi location、Stake Sports BettingChinese medicine health industry cluster、Business environment, etc.,Participants watched the promotional video of Xunyi China Merchants Investment。Both parties look for cooperation opportunities、Build a cooperation platform、Greed up the cooperation channel to reach an agreement。

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Period,Wang Jingfeng accompanied Liu Xinming and his party to visit the lantern inspection workshop、Outsourcing workshop、Water purification workshop and warehousing warehouses,Introduced the production process of online products。

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This inspection negotiation,Based on the resource advantages and industrial positioning of the two parties,New ideas of clarifying the development of win stake online sports betting-win development,Open a new situation in government -enterprise cooperation,High quality for Shanhai Dan Pharmaceutical、Leaping type、Lead -Leading Development Gathering new kinetic energy。