My stake betting appShaanxi Pharmaceutical Group Shanhai Dan Pharmaceutical: Heat "Blood" helps to escort life
Release time: 2024-05-31 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Source: Shanhai Dan Pharmaceutical

Demon is ruthless and affectionate, Shanhai Dan PharmaceuticalHot"Blood" to help escort life. recently,CompanyAn employee is unfortunately diagnosed with leukemia,Need a large dose of platelets and red blood cells for emergency treatment,Insufficient blood station in the hospital for the hospital,Patient's life is in danger.

MessageComes from, toldThe hearts of each mountain and Hai Dan people,inAt the critical moment of life and death of the family, the company's party committee for the first timePublishedInitiative, callEveryoneThe Chinese traditional virtue and stake sports betting apphelping people who carry forward the unity and mutual assistance,Delivery the obligation to donate blood,Party members and cadresOne after anotherTake the lead in response,Other employees also scramble to register.Finally screening, twoEmployees who meet the condition of blood donation rush to the central blood station obligation to donate blood,Input with life -saving blood,The patient's condition is stable,Turn in danger to safe。The company immediately established a volunteer blood donation team,Guarantee emergency momentUse it as usualUsing benevolence love for life.

Difficulty in one party, eight parties support.Shanhai Dan people use heat"Blood" to save the precious life of the My stake betting appfamily,Use a piece of sincerity to support life,It is more practical to practice the core values ​​of socialism and the humanistic concept of the company's "quality and love",Created a good corporate cultural atmosphere。