(1) Content

According to resource capitalization、Asset value、Basic ideas for open mechanism,Increase cooperation between institutions,Investment and construction and operate a professional park、Medical Complex、stake betting appHealth Service block、Third -party Medical Center、Chain Medical Center and other key projects,Mix mixing、Mixed shares、Mixed and other forms,Create industrial operations in the large health fieldBusiness。Realize the Great Health stake online sports bettingGraduation to "Five Hua",、Smart、Inclusion、Capitalization、International development; clearly cover medical insurance、Medicine、Medical、Medicine、"Five Medicals of the connotation of medical careNew ideas for linkage,Draw a brilliant development willingness for the Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Group to comprehensively enter the large health industry。

(2) Main business

Investment and construction of intelligent medical and nursing combined industrial parks、Big Health Product Industrial Park、stake betting appHealth Service Investment Management Management Stake Sports BettingDevelopment、Health Product R & D、Investment of Healthy Pension Industry。

(3) Main enterprises

Shaanxi Medical Holding Group Chinese Medicine Industry Investment Co., Ltd.、Shaanxi Medical Holding Medical Research Institute Co., Ltd.、Shaanxi Medical Holding Group Industrial Development Co., Ltd.。

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