Introduction to the Group
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1993 Shaanxi Provincial Medical Administration was restructured into Shaanxi Medical Corporation,2006,Through market -oriented stake sports betting apprestructuring and reorganization is Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Holding Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Holding Group")。

Since its establishment,Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Holding Group and the United States Johnson、Thailand Zhengda、China Pharmaceutical Group and other world -renowned enterprises and central enterprises cooperation,Building Xi'an Yangsen, Xi'an Zhengda, National Control Shaanxiand other batch of backbone enterprises, cultivatedA number of industry leading companies such as Xi'an Global, Pai Ang Pharmaceutical,Industry covering the pharmaceutical industry、Medicine circulation、Medical Packaging、Medical R & D and Health Service Industry。Existing ownership enterprises17 (including 1 listed company),The total number of employees 8012 people。8 households with high -tech enterprises,Specialized Special Special My stake betting appSpecial Small and Medium Enterprises 3 Households,Pharmaceutical approval number 551,Patent 177 item,260 trademarks。At the end of 2022,Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Holding Group's total assets reached231.81100 million yuan, realized operating income269.12billion yuan, achieve total profit8.03billion yuan.

Standing on the starting point of the new historical development,Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Holding Group will adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics,Resolutely penetrating the practice of General Secretary of the Intern Kuang Ping has previously come to Shaanxi to investigate important speeches and important instructions.,Careful implementation of the Provincial Party Committee、Provincial Government's major decision -making deployment,Always upholding"Gathering Industry Wisdom,Serving human health "My stake betting app's original intention and mission,Emancipating the mind,Reform Innovation,踔,Yongyi forward,Vigorously implement the "156" development strategy,Accelerate the best biomedical sector,Do deep Chinese medicine sector,Do the section of the essence of medical device,Doing a big medicine circulation section,strong medical packaging section,Do a big health section,Strive to the end of the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan",Realizing the scale of assets and annual operating income exceeds 50 billion yuan、The total annual interest tax exceeded 5 billion yuan、Listing and listed companies reached 5 households、Enterprises enter the top 500 Chinese enterprises,Become an international level、Domestic first -class pharmaceutical and health industry group。