The stake betting appParty Committee of the government solidly promotes the "two people" construction of the party branch
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To comprehensively promote the standardization and standardization construction work of the party branch、Get results,Achieve full coverage、No omissions,According to the arrangement of the stake betting appParty Committee of the group, aroundWork focus in 2024,Recently,The Party Branch of the stake betting appParty Committee of the Organization of the Strategy Planning Department、The Party Branch of the Finance Management Department、The Party Branch of the Mass Work Department,October Party Member Conference,Solid the construction of the "two people" of party branches,Implement 100%A standardtarget requirements.

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Learn carefullyGeneral Secretary Xi JinpingAboutParty discipline constructionImportant speeches and important instructions for the spiritResearch Party Branch important matters,Surrounding learning content,Combining departments and party branches actually conduct exchanges and discussions。

Each party branch dares to take responsibility、A forward one forward、Excludes difficulty,Starting to crack"The first issue is not implemented"Question, strive to crack"Process irregularities"Question, strive to crack"The work of party building and the center is not deeply incorporated".、Get results,Reached the meeting goals。

Conference requirements,Re -learning,Strengthen theoretical armed forces,Consciously uses Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thoughts with Chinese stake online sports bettingcharacteristics to cast the soul,Taking theoretical learning as a habit、As a compulsory course、As responsibility,Guide party members and cadresImprove political standing,Political direction,Stimulate work motivation,firm support"Two Establishment" and resolutely achieve "two maintenanceTo carry out solidlyParty discipline learning educationFurtherMaster the RegulationsMain points of meaning and regulationsClarify what the party's discipline is,What can I do to understand、What can't I doGuide party members and cadres to keepEnhance the consciousness of discipline and rules, improveSteady growth, investment promotion, deep reform, risk prevention, strong party buildingA sense of mission and responsibility.We must continue to promote the party branch"Two Hua" construction,According to the "one year of ramming the foundation、Two -year creation features、Three -year Great Improvement "overall ideas,Fighting up to prominent issues and shortcomings,Multiple measures and promote the "two people" construction of party branches to go deep and go deeply,Resolutely stake betting appprevent the occurrence of landslides,Make sure the work continues to follow up、Upgrade Jinshu。To deepen the construction of the style,Vigorous promotion"Diligence, strict and fine" style,Essence"Lazy Slow and Floating" phenomenon,Deeper Learning and Performing GroupSpecial Meeting of Cadre Style abilityspirit,ForceDevelopmentTen disadvantages of styleGovernance,Guide party members and cadres to know the weight、Knowing difficulties、Knowing Danger Insurance,Comprehensive improvement of the cadre team's style,Unswervingly advance with high -quality party building"156" strategic landing,Efforts to create international standards、Domestic first -class pharmaceutical and health industry group provides strong protection。

Members of the Group LeadersReturnTake the lead"Three Meetings and One Lesson"、The theme party day and other working mechanisms are guided,Take the lead in living a good double organizational life