(1) Content

Lead the integration of the industrial chain,Using the industrial park as the carrier,Fully layout doctorNode of the overall industrial chain of the drug,The core competitiveness of the characteristics of Shaanxi medicine。In chemical medicine、Biopharmaceutical、Traditional Chinese Medicine three aspects of overall planning,At the same time as domestic、International first -class enterprise cooperation,Prepare for stake online sports bettingthe expansion of the country and the normalization of the country。

(2) Main business

R & D and production of high -quality prescription drugs and non -prescription drugs; health food; evaluation of the stability of new drugs。

(3) Existing Enterprise

Xi'an Yangsen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.、Xi'an Zhengda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.、Shaanxi Medical Holding Group Shanhai Dan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.、Shaanxi Sun Siyi High -tech Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.、Shaanxi Medical Holding Group Tianning Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.、Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Holding Group Biotechnology Co., Ltd.、Xi'an Haixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.、Shaanxi Medical Holding Stake Sports BettingMedical Research Institute Co., Ltd.、Shaanxi Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Institute。