(1) Content

Internet+、Big Data、Blockchain and other new technology platforms are relying on,Establishing and operating a professional smart logistics system industrial park,Introduction to the domestic and foreign pharmaceutical industry chain well -known pharmaceutical and device enterprises、E -commerce、Logistics、Pharmaceutical terminal enterprise partners; strategic cooperation、Investment My stake betting appand mergers and acquisitions actively deploy the pharmaceutical terminal,and strengthen the distribution capacity; optimize the development model of the industrial park,Implementation of medical circulation gradually becomes the park、Smart、Capitalization、International development。

(2) Main business

Medical Chain Retail、Commercial Express、"Three Unification" delivery、Drug distribution of medical institutions、OTC sales、Pharmaceutical logistics extension service and e -commerce。

(3) Existing enterprises

Shaanxi Pharmaceutical stake betting appHolding Group Paiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.、Chinese Medicine Holdings Shaanxi Co., Ltd.、Shaanxi Medical Holding Group Chinese Medicine Industry Investment Co., Ltd.。