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1. Acceptance range
Any organization and individual's party members and cadres and supervisory objects to the group and subordinate enterprises,stake online sports bettingIt has the right to report to the Discipline Inspection Commission of Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Group:
(1) Party organization、Party members violate political discipline、Clean Discipline、Clean Discipline、Mass Discipline、Work Discipline、Discipline and other party discipline behaviors;
(2) Supervisor performing duties,Violation of public rights、Integrity of politics and moral ethics,Suspected corruption bribes、Abuse of power、Ignoring the duty、Power finding rent、Benefit delivery、徇 Private fraud and wasting the laws of capital and wealth illegal、Crime behavior;
(3) Party members who are not convinced by other handling of party discipline or group disciplinary inspection and supervision agencies,A complaint proposed;
(4) Supervision objects involved my handling decisions of the group's discipline inspection and supervision agency,The appeal proposed; the person who was investigators and their close relatives My stake betting appviolated laws and regulations on the group's discipline inspection and supervision agencies and their staff、Actions that infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of the investigators,A complaint proposed;
(5) Political discipline and other processing decisions made by the original administrative supervision organs are not acceptable to not exceed the application period,A complaint proposed;
(6) Criticism and suggestions for the construction of party style and clean government and anti -corruption work;
2. The scope of not accepted
The following matters reflected will not be accepted:
(1) or in accordance with the law should pass the lawsuit、Arbitration、Administrative ruling、Administrative reconsideration and other channels solved;
(2) According to relevant regulations,It belongs to the scope of other agencies or units;
(3) Only enumerate discipline or position illegal、The name of the criminal behavior but no substantial content。
stake sports betting app3、The reporter responds to the authenticity of the reported problems。For intentional fabrication of facts、false accusation to framed others or in the name of reporting the incident,Careful treatment in accordance with relevant laws and regulations。
4、Promoting real -name report,Keep secret for reporters。The identified as a real -name report,Preferred,Show in time。
5、Online reporting is just a way to reflect the problem,You can also report it in other forms。Correspondence My stake betting appAddress: No. 69, Science and Technology 2 Road, High -tech Zone, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province
Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Holding Group Co., Ltd. Disciplinary Committee Complex (Room 1308)
Postal code: 710075,Report Tel: 029-88312263,029-88312293。Report Service Tel: 029-88312263。

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