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  • Always keep in mind the identity of the party members to obey the rules and keep the Ji Pioneng


    To further motivate party members to practice the original mission、Strictly abide by the party rules and regulations,Give full play to the role of vanguard。June 6,The administrative party branch of Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Research Institute conducts the theme of "keeping in mind the party member's identity to do compliance with the rules and regulations" as the theme of party members' political birthday activities,Actively promote party discipline learning and education to go deep and go deep。All party members under the leadership of the branch secretary entered the party's oath,Recalling the beginning of the party in the oath of the puppet。Organization members read the "Political Birthday" congratulatory words and issue greeting cards,The greeting card stake online sports bettingnot only records the party members' joining information,Also carry the good blessings of the party organization,I hope comrades will not forget their original intentions、Remember the mission,Forever the Communist ...