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Forwarding for 30 years of hard work, sailing and then glory

Never live in the years,Time season like flow。Today,We ushered in the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Group。Thirty years of passionate years,Thirty years of hard work,generations of Shaanxi Pharmaceuticals,Ji Jizai、Not afraid of wind and rain,Hand -handle、Grace,Difficulties、Grace,Zhongzhi Chengcheng、Fighting hard,Create it to cover the pharmaceutical industry、Medicine circulation、Medical Packaging、Pharmaceutical R & D and Big Health Industry Full Industry Chain Medical Industry Group。

Thirty stake sports betting appyears of storm。from Shaanxi Provincial Medical Administration to Shaanxi Medical Holding Group Co., Ltd.,Every step of Shaanxi Pharmaceuticals is made of extraordinary。Thirty years coming all the way,The annual wheel of time contains the hardships of entrepreneurs,Tracing of the years,Condensing the joy of success,Inherited the unchanged "condensing industry wisdom,Serving human health "corporate philosophy,Faithful implementation of the responsibilities and mission given by the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government。These are worthy of our deep thinking、Focus and spiritual inheritance。On this special day today,I would like to represent the leadership team of Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Group to the long -term diligent and dedicated Shaanxi Pharmaceuticals,Leaders at all levels that care and support the reform and development of Shaanxi Pharmaceutical for a long time、Brother Units and Cooperation Units、Social sources expressed their heartfelt thanks and respectful respect!

Thirty years of pride。Thirty -year fingers a wave,Inventory 30 years of development achievement,We are full of joy。Thirty years,We always resolutely implement the decision -making deployment of the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government,Always serve the overall economic and social development of the province,Adhere to the direction of socialist marketization reform,Adhere stake sports betting appto technological innovation as the fundamental motivation,Persist in focusing on the main responsibility,Grasp the transformation and upgrade of traditional industries in one hand,Cultivation of the biomedical industry in one hand,Basically constructed the modern industrial system of Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Group。Thirty years,We are always committed to serving human health and health,Pay attention to variety quality brands,552 of the approval number of drugs、Patent 188 items、261 trademarks,Cultivated a number of well -known brands such as Shanhai Dan,Building Xi'an Yangsen、Xi'an Global、Pai Ang Pharmaceutical and other group leading companies,Winning the province's "SARS" and the new crown epidemic prevention supplies for war,contributed "Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Power" for the construction of "Health Shaanxi"。

Thirty Establishment of the year。Today, Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Group has arrived.,We still have to keep the forge -ness mentality of entrepreneurship and examine,Persist in the wide mind with more open cooperation,A resolutely implementing important instructions for General Secretary Jinping, "The biomedical industry is a strategic emerging industry related to national economy, people's livelihood and national security" and the decision -making deployment of the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government on creating a biomedical industry chain,Accurately grasp My stake betting appthe new development stage,Careful implementation of new development concepts,Active integration into the new development pattern,Seize the major opportunities for the development of the pharmaceutical and health industry,Focus on creating "international level、Domestic first -class pharmaceutical health industry group ",Make every effort to do excellent pharmaceutical industry,Make a refined medical device,Doing major medicine circulation,Strong medical packaging,Do deep Chinese medicine,Do great health,Strive for several years of efforts to achieve the group's asset scale exceeded 50 billion yuan,Annual business income exceeds 50 billion yuan,The total annual interest tax exceeded 5 billion yuan,Group listing and planned companies reached 5 households,Enter the top 500 Chinese companies,Fully achieve the "156" strategic goal,Focus on improving the core competitiveness of the enterprise and enhancing the core function of the enterprise,Fully strive to be the main force of the province's biomedical industry chain,Construction for "Healthy China" and "Health Shaanxi"、The "Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Power" that has contributed a greater "Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Power" for the Chinese -style modern construction of Chinese -style modernization!

Road is long and far away,I will ask for up and down。Thirty years of beautiful past has been going in,The glory of the past has been set as an eternal Stake Sports Bettingmemory today。In the future journey,Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Group will use more market -oriented concepts,More open cooperation attitude,More aggressive fighting spirit,More tough perseverance,Further emancipating the mind、Repeat it,Catch the surpass、True Grabbing,踔、Yong standing tide,Fighting for the new era to make a tide,Ningxin Gathering has made Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Group a more respectable enterprise。

Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Group Zou Manxu