Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Group 2024 Recruitment Announcement
Release time: 2024-02-06 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Source: Party Committee Organization Department (Human Resources Department)

1993 Shaanxi Provincial Medical Administration was restructured into Shaanxi Medical Corporation,2006,Through market -oriented restructuring and reorganization is Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Holding Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Holding Group")。Since its establishment,Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Holding Group and the United States Johnson、Thailand Zhengda、China Pharmaceutical Group and other world -renowned enterprises and central enterprises cooperation,Building Xi'an Yangsen、Xi'an Zhengda、National Control Shaanxi and other batch of backbone enterprises,Cultivated Global Xi'an、Pai Ang Pharmaceutical and other leading industries leading enterprises,Industry covering the pharmaceutical industry、Medical Device、Medicine circulation、Medicine Packaging、Medical R & D and Health Service Industry。17 existing ownership companies (including 1 listed company),The total number of employees 8012 people。8 households with high -tech enterprises,Specialized Special Special Special Small and Medium Enterprise 3 Households,Pharmaceutical approval number 552,Patent 188 items,261 trademarks。At the end of 2022,Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Holding Group's total assets reached 23.181 billion yuan,Realizing operating income of 26.912 billion yuan,Realizing total profit of 803 million yuan。

For comprehensive advance"156" strategic goals and high -quality development,Efforts to speed up the construction of talent team,Now publicly recruiting in the society is urgently needed to be short of shortage of key positions,A total of more than 30 positions involved in the headquarters and 10 households,The relevant matters are announced as follows:

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persistence"Public Recruitment、Principles of Choose Young Record,Take the preliminary selection、Interview、Combination of background surveys。

2. Recruitment plan

(1) Finance

1. The financial management department of the headquarters

Deputy Minister                                   1

2. Shaanxi Medical Holding Group Shanhai Dan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

General Accountant                                1

3. Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Holding Group Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

General Accountant                                1

4. Xi'an Global Printing Co., Ltd.

Subsidiary Certified Public Accountants                      2

5. Group system financial staff       

Unified post,Number of people,Choose Young Record,Comprehensive unified stake online sports bettingadjustment allocation according to the needs of the headquarters and ownership enterprises。

(2) Legal category

1. General legal adviser or legal affairs、The person in charge of the internal control department

Number of people,Choose Young Record,Configuration according to the actual needs of the enterprise。

2. Group system legal personnel

Unified post,Number of people,Choose Young Record,Comprehensive unified stake online sports bettingadjustment allocation according to the needs of the headquarters and ownership enterprises。

(3) Enterprise management, strategic planning category

1. Headquarters Enterprise Management Department

Deputy Minister                                   1

2. The strategic planning department of the headquarters

Deputy Minister                                   1

3. Group system business management and planners

Unified post,Number of people,Choose Young Record,Comprehensive unified stake online sports bettingadjustment allocation according to the needs of the headquarters and ownership enterprises。

(4) Information category

Group system information personnel

Unified post,Number of people,Choose Young Record,Comprehensive unified stake online sports bettingadjustment allocation according to the needs of the headquarters and ownership enterprises。

(5) Other categories

1. Shaanxi Medical Holding Group Tianning Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Sales Deputy President                             1

2. Shaanxi Medical Holding Group Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Director of Scientific Research Director of Medical Devices               3

Director of Sales Director of Medical Devices               3

Medical Device R & D Engineer            8

Medical Device Sales                      8

3. Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Holding Group Shanhai Dan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Production Director                            1

Quality Director                            1

Director of Pharmacy                            1

4. Shaanxi Sun Siyi High -tech Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Marketing Manager                         1

Product Manager                             1

R & D Manager                             1

Manager of Quality Department                          1

5. Shaanxi Medical Holding Group Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

Vice President of Shanhai Dan Hospital Business         1

Deputy Dean of Shanhai Dan Hospital         1

6. Shaanxi Power Generation Group Oriental Smart Energy Co., Ltd.

Vice President Assistant                      1

7. Shaanxi Medical Industry Investment Management Co., Ltd.

Investment Manager                             2

8. Xi'an Global Printing Co., Ltd.

Securities Affairs Commissioner                      1

9. Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Holding Group Paiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Maintenance officer of electromechanical equipment                   2

10. Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Holding Group Chinese Medicine Industry Investment Co., Ltd.

Commissioner of Analysis of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry and Operations     1

Personnel Management Specialist                      1

3, recruitment conditions

Recruitment targets should have national recognition of education and job conditions (see attachment for details: Shaanxi Pharmaceutical GroupDetails of recruitment positions in 2024),and must meet the following conditions,Special excellent or special need for work,It can be appropriately relaxed conditions:

(1) The nationality of the People's Republic of China;

(2) Comply with the Constitution and Law;

(3) Have good political quality and team spirit,Film Rice;

(4) Body conditions with adaptive job requirements;

(5) There are other conditions required for the post.

Those who have one of the following circumstances shall not register:

(1) Persons who do not meet the job recruitment conditions;

(2) If you have been punished by criminal punishment;

(3) If there are suspected criminal suspicions, it has not yet been found;

(4) I have received the above punishment,or severely warned that the following sanctions have not been lifted;

(5) It has been fired or expelled from public office;

(6) Other situations that should not be registered.

4. Recruitment procedures

Published an announcement、Registration、Resume screening、Qualification review、Interview、Qualification review、Background Survey、stake sports betting appPhysical Examination、Public announcement、Recruitment and other steps per step。

(1) Release announcement

The announcement of this public recruitment work passed through the official website of the State -owned Assets Commission of Shaanxi Province、Recruitment Platform of the State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Shaanxi Province (Changhua Yin)、Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Group's official website、Zhilian Recruitment Network and Hunting Recruitment Network。

(2) Registration process

1. Registration deadline: March 6, 2024 17:00。

2. Application to adopt an online registration method,Enter Zhilian Recruitment、Hunter official website to submit resumes,Or submit your resume via the mailbox (shanyaohr@126.com),Submitting success is successful,Each job seeker can only sign up for one position。

3. The registration resume must include the following basic information: name、One inch of recent Crown Personal Positive Certificate Photo、Education、Age、Contact information、A complete educational experience、Work resume and work content。(Note: If the candidate provides incomplete resume content,As a result, it is impossible to determine whether it is qualified,is deemed to be unqualified)。

4. Resume screening period,Staff will call by phone、SMS forms information to verify the candidate and ask for relevant evidence materials,Candidates need to submit relevant materials at the specified time,Overdue as giving up。Specific as follows:

1) A copy of my valid education (degree) certificate.

2) Work experience qualification、Proof of performance capacity (labor contract、Social Insurance Insurance Certificate、Qualification Certificate, etc.)。

(3) Qualification review

According to the candidate's education、experience、Qualification、Qualification Certificate、Comprehensive judgment of performance and other aspects,Determine the candidates for the interview。

(4) Interview

Interviews take a semi -structured interview method,Professional abilities that are compatible with jobs are mainly examined、Occupational literacy and competent ability, etc.。

1. The interview score is 100 points,Set the interview score of 70 points,Can't reach the qualified score line,Cancel the qualifications to enter the next link。

2. According to the number of recruitment plans and the interview results of the candidate,From high scores to low points,Use a 1: 1 ratio to determine the physical examination、Background investigation object (if the final score of the interview is the same,Execute it with an additional test)。

3. For the posts of unades,Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Group has the right to continue to release recruitment information,Organize an interview with options。

4. The interview time and place will be notified separately.

(5) Qualification review

Qualification review is based on the registration qualification conditions stipulated in the recruitment announcement and the photos and information provided by the candidate when registering online,Candidates need to truthfully provide the original registration materials,All requirements for the requirements of the registration qualifications stake online sports bettingor cannot provide document materials in accordance with regulations、Not accepting qualification review within the specified time,The interview results are deemed to be invalid。Therefore, there is a shortage of candidates,From high score to low score in interview results,Equal supplement within the specified time。

(6) Background Survey

Before joining the job,A survey of resume and personal information background from Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Group,If you find that you do not meet the requirements of the hire or fake it,Not hired。

Background Investigation Work according to the requirements of the position of the proposed employment,Take multiple forms,Fully understand the subject of the inspection object in political thought、Moral Quality、Ability Quality、Compliance with the law、Integrity and self -discipline、Job matching and other conditions and performance during the study and work,At the same time, to verify whether the candidate meets the requirements of the registration qualification condition,Is the registration information and related materials provided true、Accurate,Whether there is a situation in the case of registration avoidance。If the relevant information and information provided by the applicant are found to be unreal or the inspection is not qualified,then cancel its recruitment qualification。

(7) Physical examination

Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Group or independent recruitment enterprise notify candidates for medical examination at a comprehensive hospital in the secondary and above,System of physical examination costs。The medical examination standard refers to the implementation of the "General Standards for the Medical Examination of Civil Servants"。

issued by the medical examination hospital"Qualification" or "Unqualified" conclusion,and stamped with the special seal of the unit's physical examination。

Due to physical examination、The background investigation unqualified leads to the deficiency of the candidate,In principle, according to the prescribed procedures and time limit,Among the applicants in the same post,Follow the final score from high to low score (must reach the qualified score line)。

(8) Public announcement

For those who are planned to be recruited, the publicity period is5 days。Questions reflected during the publicity period,verified that it is true,Cancellation Qualification。

5. Receiving method and salary treatment

1. How to recruit: The hired person signed a labor contract with the employer,members of the ownership enterprise team implemented a term of contractual contract,Sign the annual target responsibility letter,After passing the assessment, I will be renewed,Those who fail the assessment to dismiss。Working period,If there is a major mistake in employees、Don’t obey the unified management,The employer has the right to terminate the contract。

2. Salary treatment:

1) The deputy department of the headquarters and the ownership enterprise team members implement the annual salary system,Headquarters employees、The middle level of ownership enterprises and employees implement basic salary+performance bonus。The salary listed in the attachment is reference My stake betting appsalary,Specific salary can be negotiated for each other。

2) Five insurances and one gold

3) Trade Union Welfare

4) Health checkup

5) Dining subsidy

6) Professional training

7) Other job rewards

6. Related matters

1. Do not return the application materials。Qualification review runs through the recruitment work,If the candidate is found in a certain session, it is found that it does not meet the prescribed conditions,Cancel its qualification。Fanfu falsifies,Once verified,Cancellation of qualifications。

2. Candidates must be responsible for the authenticity of the submitted materials,Due to the reasons of the applicants, I cannot participate in the registration as required、Interview、Physical examination and inspection,Responsibility shall be borne by the candidate himself。

3. Candidates of enterprises, government agencies and institutions must go through the procedures for employment procedures in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and provide proof of resignation.。

4. It will pass SMS during the recruitment period、Telephone and other methods to contact the candidate,Please keep the communication unblocked。

5. Candidates did not participate in the relevant link as required within the specified time,It is deemed to be automatically giving up。

6. This recruitment work is implemented by Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Group and is responsible for interpretation。


Registration consultation phone:029-88312251   Ms. Tian Ms. Wang


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