Shaanxi Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Shaanxi Medical Information Center) Postdoctoral Innovation Base 2024 Recruitment Announcement
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Shaanxi Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Shaanxi Medical Information Center) (hereinafter referred to as"China Research Institute") was established by 1981 with the approval of the State Administration of Medicine Management,Lisaed for Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Holding Group Co., Ltd.It is now a public welfare institution in Shaanxi Province,Professional engaged in the development and utilization of traditional Chinese medicine research and traditional Chinese Stake Sports Bettingmedicine resources。The professional door category of the Central Research Institute is complete,Completion of scientific research facilities,Technical strength is strong,It is a scientific research institution that integrates the research and development of comprehensive traditional Chinese medicine integrating property and research。Come on, so come to,Undertake the country in succession、Provincial and ministerial scientific research projects40 items,More than 10 awards,Through province、Department、Municipal -level scientific and technological achievements identification and obtaining new drug certificates、Clinical approval、Health Function Food Approval Number and other product number items 32 items。

The post -doctoral innovation base of the China Research Institute is YuApproval of establishment in September 2017。To promote the innovation ability and comprehensive competitiveness of post -doctoral research projectsPromotion, speed upScientific research achievements, nowPublic recruitment of doctoral students to carry out scientific research work,The relevant matters are announced as follows:

1. Recruitment professional

Pharmacy, Chinese medicine and other related majors.

2. Recruitment conditions

1. Have good political quality stake betting appand moral cultivation,Compliance with the law,Texenity and excellent,Good health,It can guarantee that he is engaged in post -doctoral research work during the station;

2. Age under 35 years old,Obtaining a doctoral diploma and a degree certificate generally does not exceed three years,or a doctoral doctor who is about to graduate in 2024;

3. The research direction of applying for the station must be related to the project undertaken by the cooperative mentor or the professional field related to the cooperative mentor,With strong scientific research ability and professionalism,All heartDedicated to the research work of scientific research projects;

4. Non -employee and non -unit personnel.

3, related treatment

1.Post -doctoral personnel refer to the management of employees during the station,In accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Administrative Measures for the Postdoctoral Innovation Base" of the China Research Institute,Provide competitive salary and welfare benefits;

2. Pay social insurance and housing provident fund in accordance with national regulations;

3.During the station,Provide sufficient project funding、Good scientific research conditions and academic communication opportunities。

4. Recruitment process

(1) Registration application materials

1. Personal resume of the electronic version;

2. Scanning of academic degree certificates from undergraduate to doctoral degree (graduation doctors in 2024If the certificate is not issued,Can be issued by a doctoral training unit to pass the certificate,Dr. Study Abroad also needs to provide the academic degree certification report issued by the Ministry of Education's Study Abroad Service Center);

3. Scan the front and back of my ID card;

4.Recommended by experts in the field of discipline,One of them is the doctoral instructor of the applicant;

5.Published academic papers and scientific research results appraisal materials、Award certificate。

(2) Registration method

1. For applicants, please send the application materials to the mailbox 295477640@qq.com,Email title indicate"Post-doctoral Application-Name-Graduation College-Professional".

2. Data reception deadline: September 30, 2024 (the time for email issuance is subject to)

(3) Organization interview

After passing the qualification review of post -doctoral innovation base,Candidates who receive an interview notice,According to the specific time、Location to participate in the interview response,Interview and reply takePPT Reporting Method,Report time does not exceed 20 minutes,Professional basic knowledge stake sports betting appof the candidate in the main assessment、Comprehensive research ability, etc.。

Five,Contact information

United Department People: Teacher Liu

Contact number:029-33213037