Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Group: In -depth development of the grassroots and deeply escorting high -quality development with better style
Release time: 2023-04-13 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Source: Discipline Inspection Comprehensive Room

In order to penetrate the front line, all the group's disciplinary inspection cadres entered the enterprise.April 12,The Group Discipline Inspection Commission held the first quarter of 2023 disciplinary inspection and supervision work meeting。Meeting is divided into centralized learning、Listen to the report、Visit the four links of the integrity education base and enter the corporate culture。Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Enterprises,Disciplinary Committee member、Disciplinary Inspection Commission、full -time discipline stake sports betting appinspection officer and all comrades of the Group Discipline Inspection Commission41 people attended the meeting。Deputy Secretary of the Group Discipline Inspection Commission Jia Yale chaired the meeting。

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On the meeting,Organized and learned "Comrade Li Xi learned to implement Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics and the party's 20th spiritual seminars in the 20th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection", "Comrade Wang Xingning in the Chinese Communist Party Shaanxi Province No. 1 The work report of the second plenary session of the 14th Disciplinary Inspection Commission "; conveyed the" Key Points of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Group 2023 ",Deputy Secretary of the Group Discipline Inspection Commission Jia Yale summarized the first quarter of the Group Discipline Inspection Commission,The key tasks of the second quarter were arranged; the secretary of the disciplinary committees of each enterprise reported on the first quarter of discipline inspection work and the second quarter work arrangement。

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The meeting pointed out that discipline inspection agencies at all levels must be strictly implemented"First issue" system,Persist in deploying the major decision -making of the Party Central Committee、The spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech and important instructions of instructions as the first issue of the disciplinary committee meeting to communicate deployment,Make political theory learning in normal,stake betting appFall in implementation。Disciplinary inspection cadres at all levels must persevere in strengthening learning,Strengthening its own construction,Pay attention to thought quenching,Strengthen the spirit of struggle and the ability to struggle,The hard backbone that takes the role of practice、Iron arm、Truth。Disciplinary inspection cadres at all levels must go deep into the grassroots,Deepening the front line,Listening to the voice of the company,Following the development of the enterprise,Effectively execute supervision and guarantee、Promoting the improvement of development and transformation into a pragmatic measure for promoting work。 

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Conference emphasized,Discipline inspection agencies at all levels should assist the party committee to promote the comprehensive and strict governance of the party、Performing the supervision responsibility,To enhance collaboration and cooperation consciousness,Actively accept the leadership and supervision of the party committee and group disciplinary committee at the same level,Actively provide effective carriers for the role of the party committee、Be a good staff assistant。To persist closely around the center、Serving the company's overall situation,Show new responsibilities in loyalty to perform duties,Showing a new as a job in work innovation,Constantly promoting discipline inspection work into the entire process of production and operation of the enterprise、Each link,A new pattern of high -quality development stake online sports bettingof the escort company。

Meeting requirements, disciplinary inspection institutions at all levelsstake online sports bettingTake the initiative to plan,Realizing education and rectification and the party's theme education coordinated connection,Make sure to complete various tasks at high quality。The second isTo insist on investigation、Working、Summary、Learning while learning。To take the initiative to go deep into the front line、Deep at the grassroots level、Going into the employees and the masses,Through a solid and sufficient investigation and research,Understand the status quo、Touched the truth、Discover problems,Through continuous analysis research,Find the problem of the problem,Put forward valuable countermeasures for counterpart,Make sure "Speak right", "Speak accurate",Constantly improving the ability to perform duties and levels。Three isKeep an eye on"Three Years" activity,Promote the development、Grabbing Service、Grading efficiency deployment requirements and specific tasks implementation。Pay close attention to the implementation of the cadre style ability to improve the responsibility,Urgent party members and cadres to promote"Diligence, strict and delicate" style.Four isTo promote cleanliness Shaanxi、Construction of Qinglian Shaanxi Pharmaceutical,Help integrity culture construction in the enterprise's landing。

After the meeting,stake betting appAll disciplinary inspection cadres visited Pai Ang Pharmaceutical Integrity Cultural Room、Corporate Culture Exhibition Hall、Chinese Medicine Material Exhibition Hall。