Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Group held a financial analysis meeting from January to April 2023
Stake Sports BettingRelease time: 2023-05-24 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Source: Financial Management Department

On the afternoon of May 23,Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Group organized a financial analysis meeting from January to April 2023。Group Certified Public Accountant Lei Yongquan attended the meeting and speak,Minister of Finance Management Wu Jiangwen hosted。

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Conference scene

Meeting Report Group CorporationFinancial final accounts in 2022、Budget preparation in 2023、January-April Express indicator and fund management。Focus on the implementation of the budget from January-April、Income profit target task、The completion of the main economic indicators is analyzed,and the pain points of the current financial work in various enterprises、Difficulties and countermeasures to guide。

Five requirements stake sports betting appfor the meeting: First, we must increase the emphasis on the preparation of the preparation,Fully cooperate with the Group's comprehensive budget management system implementation; second, we must actively promote corporate risk investigation,Focus on sorting the guarantee of the second and below levels,Requires the results of the results to the funding department; third, we must implement the rectification as soon as possible to the issues raised in the final account audit,Classification Create a ledger,Rectification results before the end of the year; fourth must be completed in a timely manner,Provide decision -making basis for the business level; Fifth, we must strengthen the training of caminess teams,Responsibility for performing duties,Courageous Innovation。

stake betting appGroup Finance Management Department、Funds and Capital Department、The general accountant and financial person in charge of the ownership enterpriseMore than 20 people attended the meeting.