Shaanxi Pharmaceutical stake sports betting appGroup held a series of comprehensive budget management series training lectures
Release time: 2023-03-17 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Source: Finance Management Department

To give full play to the full budget management, the group strategy、Optimize resource allocation、Important role in strengthening business risk management and control,Build a group management and control system with comprehensive budget management,March 14,Shaanxi Pharmaceutical GroupHold2023 full budget management series training lectures.


Training site

This training specially invited members of the 3rd Accounting Standards Committee of the Ministry of Finance、Doctor of Management、Associate Professor Wang Zhicheng, an associate professor of Beijing National Accounting Institute, teach lectures。Stake Sports BettingTightly follow the theory and practice of comprehensive budget management,Combined with the current macroeconomic situation、Hot issues such as business management and other enterprises,From shareholders、Management、Implementation of layer triple angle departure,Experience of the construction experience of high -quality enterprise management accounting system as a typical case,The construction and implementation of the strategic -oriented corporate budget management system、Comprehensive budget management Digitalization practice conducts a comprehensive explanation,It has strong pertinence and practicality。

Lecture for two days,Group company related leaders、The person in charge of the department、13 households in charge、General Accountant、More than 100 budget managers participated in this training。