The Youth League Committee of the Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Group held a privilege enterprise group organization secretary of the component of the council
Release time: 2023-03-06 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Source: Group Youth League Committee

March 3,The Youth League Committee of Shaanxi Pharmaceutical stake betting appGroup organizes the holding of the owner of the owner of the owner of the enterprise.。The meeting conveyed the "The spirit of the 14th Congress of Shaanxi Province",Looking back on the work of the League Committee of 2022,Arrangement and deployment of key work tasks of 2023,Enterprise Organization Secretary conducted on -site jobs on the work of 2022,A commendation and reward of "Learning the Twenty Verprration with the Party Forever and Entrusted by the Party"。Deputy Secretary of the Group's Party Committee Xiao Zhiqiang attended the meeting to guide and speak。

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The meeting pointed out,League organizations at all levels of the system must adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics,Tightly focuses on learning, propagating, implementing the party's 20 major spiritual theme main lines,In -depth implementation of the important idea of ​​General Secretary Jinping's work on the work of youth,Effectively stake betting appimplement the entire process of decision -making and deployment of the 20 major decisions of the party。To be deeply understood"Two Establishment" decisive significance、Resolutely achieve "two maintenance".、Make an example,Absolute loyalty to the party with practical actions; we must adhere to the general tone of the work of steady progress,Focus on the main responsibility,Performing basic responsibilities,Unity Leading the majority of members of the group will always follow the party、End of the new journey、New era。

Conference requirements,2023 is the beginning of fully implementing the 20th spirit of the party,It is also the year when the Communist Youth League follows the party's new century youth journey。League organizations at all levels of the system must closely focus on the "three years" activities of the Provincial Party Committee、Group Corporation's "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" and annual target tasks,Continue to strengthen stake sports betting apporganization construction、System Construction、Capability construction,Further enhanced the leadership of the group organization、Organizational force、Services,Unity and leading the majority of members of the members to compete for ideals、Dare to take responsibility、Can suffer、A new era of willing to struggle,The surging spring tide of high -quality development with the power and creativity of youth。

The meeting was chaired by Mao Jiayue, Deputy Secretary of the Group Youth League Committee,Group Minister of the Group's Mass Work Department,Enterprise Organization Secretary of the Enterprise Participation Meeting。