Daqiang fought for 50 days and double -half
Release time: 2024-06-03 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Source: Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Industry Company

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To fully implementThe Provincial Provincial High -quality Project Construction Promotion ConferenceSpirit,Stable development trend,firm development confidence,Strengthening the determination,My stake betting appRequirements for Shaanxi Pharmaceutical GroupAll ownership enterprisesPersevere problem -oriented,Focus on key projects、Key tasks continue to work,Fully strive for the economy, grasp the implementation, promote development, and achieve practical performanceMake sureIn the first half ofTarget taskImplementation of landing。The system of the system multiplied by the company,Tighten the strings of tightening efficiency to tighten the time,Strive sprint"Double Half Half", which has set off a large boom.

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Wind is good at sailing,The second quarter is the critical period to promote the implementation of the first half of the year,All cadres and employees use more firm beliefs、Full enthusiasm、Practical style,Actively invest in"Great Fifty Days Fighting Double Half" operation.The first is to focus on the key points, keep an eye on key, and make overall advancement.Persist in the general tone of the work of steady progress,Grasp the cooperation、​​Transformation and development stake sports betting appand other key tasks; strengthen compliance management、Safety and environmental protection and team building; strengthen internal management,Optimization system process,Improve ability quality,Persevere problem -oriented,with"Hard measures" ensure high -quality development of various tasks.Second, full of confidence, seize opportunities, and work hard.GraspThe medical and nutrition industry as the development opportunity of emerging industries,Maintain strategic fixed force,Actively promote constructionMedical NursingProject. Changan Yiyuan Project completed the overall progress80%,Model rooms have visited conditions,Company actively unite universities、Institution、The community carries out love for old welfare and old public welfare activities,The number of people who are currently signed up for the Xingtai Kangbu Trial Plan has continued to increase; the diagnosis and treatment subjects of Shanhai Dan Hospital have increased to 39 categories,Cardiovascular stake online sports bettingInternal Medicine Hometown、Image Department、The Department of Pain opened one after another,The next step will focus on introducing the rehabilitation team、Capsule gastroscopy and other items。Third is to open up new channels,Extend the new business,Seeking a new growth point。Actively docking with the Provincial Rehabilitation Center,Promote the implementation of the operation of the provincial rehabilitation hospital to implement the implementation of the provincial rehabilitation hospital;,Cooperation to carry out nursing care business;、Signing in a well -known chain pharmacy in the province,Comprehensively expand sales of large health products。Industrial companies based on the new development stage,Actively open up a new track,Comprehensively enhance the company's competitiveness,All cadres and employees will be riveted、Yong Drachida、Good as、Strong attack,Multiple measures to ensure the completion of the target task in the first half of the year。

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