Daqian fought for 50 days and double -half
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To fully implementThe Provincial Provincial High -quality Project Construction Promotion ConferenceSpirit,Stable development trend,firm development confidence,stake sports betting appStrengthening the determination,Requirements for Shaanxi Pharmaceutical GroupAll ownership enterprisesPersevere problem -oriented,Focus on key projects、Key task continues,Fully strive for the economy, grasp the implementation, promote development, and achieve practical performanceMake sureIn the first half ofTarget taskImplementation of landing。The system of the system multiplied by the company,Tighten the strings of tightening efficiency to tighten the time,Strive sprint"Double Half Half", which has set off a large boom.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Investment Company

Time over half,Mission over half,To ensure high quality to complete the goal of the first half of the yeartaskTraditional Chinese Medicine Investment Company carefully analyzes the situation of each section,Research and formulation implementation measures,Drumming,Quick Action。stake online sports bettingprofitPower.Doing excellent medicineBusiness sectorOptimized product structureStrengthen the network and market layoutStart, strengthen Xingqing Pharmaceutical CompanySalesscale and profitability. Coordinated analysisBusiness sector composition, customer contribution, capital turnover efficiencyand other elements,Continuous improvement of profitabilityThe second is to expand the Internet to build brands and deepen product competitiveness.Do deep Chinese medicine sector,Accelerate the increase in capital expansion and technical reform of the Hanwang Lueyang,Based on the "two bacteria" of Gastrodia,Give full play to the reputation and influence of the "National Geographic Sign Protection Product",Expand the market share of Gastrodiac bacteria,Effectively seize the opportunity for Gastrodiac to be selected as the "Drug Food" catalog,Increase marketing strength,Build a marketing network,Create the "Qin Medicine" brand,Make sure that the contribution rate of new Gastrodia products is not less than 2%。Third is to activate stake sports betting appassets to increase efficiency and stimulate corporate vitality.Entering the assets of the living park, block the bleeding point, and formulate it in combination with the actual situationAsset activation plan, increase the rent of existing assets in the parkHouseholdsOKTurn on the target of losing lossesEffective measures,Strive to achieveTurn losses into profit;Establish a special class to promote the clearance workProcessing loss -making companies in the optimal way,Reduce investment lossIncrease the collection of overdue accountsFormulate a practical collection plan,Responsibility is implemented to people,Complete the money as soon as possible。Under the strong leadership of the Party Committee of Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Group,Traditional Chinese Medicine Investment CompanyPositive drums and motivationFocus on key pointsWork continues to work, in order to achieveYearTarget strive.

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