Da Gan fought for 50 days and double -half
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To fully implementThe Provincial Provincial High -quality Project Construction Promotion ConferenceSpirit,Stable development trend,firm development confidence,Strengthening the determination,Requirements for Shaanxi Pharmaceutical GroupAll ownership enterprisesPersevere problem -oriented,Focus on key projects、Key tasks continue to work,Fully strive for the economy, grasp the implementation, promote development, and achieve practical performanceMake sureIn the first half ofTarget taskImplementation of landing。The system of the system multiplied by the company,Tighten the strings of tightening efficiency to tighten the time,Strive sprint"Double Half Half", which has set off a large boom.

Paang Medicine

Pai Ang Pharmaceutical under the strong leadership of Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Group, surround the group"156" strategic goals and Pai Ang Pharmaceutical "increase scale、Massage、Anti -risk、Power Market、Fighting first "business ideas,"Person" is first,"Dry" is the head,Focus on key projects、task,Finding the quality increase and efficiency incoming point,Strive sprint "Double Half Half"stake online sports betting​​New improvement in business performancePai Ang Pharmaceutical Putting the Promoting stake sports betting appQuality improvement and efficiency and stable growth work,Stability of stability、Performing stability,Stable operation of business order,continuous improvement of business performance。DeadlineAt the end of May,Paang's total pharmaceutical profit completed 51.43%of the annual goals,increased by 2.1%year -on -year,Business profit margin increased by 0.19%year -on -year; 40.10%of the annual target of operating income,increased by 9.5%year -on -year,Fully stabilized the basic disk of production and operation。The second isMarket development achieves new resultsFacingComplexMarket situation, Pa from Pharmaceutical PharmaceuticalAs a meter, carry out2024 Retail Strategic Customer Customer Meeting"Action of Spring Breeze" "A cool Summer"and other topicsActivityGrabbing opportunities, promotion sales, steady growth,The leadership team led the team to Intels in Zhejiang, China Resources Henan to investigate,ExploreCooperationNew opportunities for development.Three isNew breakthroughs stake sports betting appin scientific and technological innovationPaang Medicine actively explore new technologies、New application scenarios。Winning the National Federation of Industry and Commerce"Recommended Enterprise Recommended by Medicine Cold Chain Logistics Service""Medicine Digital Service Platform" won the Science and Technology Innovation Award of Science and Technology of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Science and TechnologyChinese Medicine Company won the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Science and Technology"First Prize of Science and Technology Progress",Established a good brand image。Next step,Pai Ang Pharmaceutical will further focus on the "double half" target task,With a full mental state and a more pragmatic work style,firm confidence determination、Keep hard work,For GroupCompany Implementation"156" strategic goals contribute to the power.

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