Secretary of the Xianyang Municipal Party Committee Xia Xiaozhong and his party went to Shaanxi stake betting appPharmaceutical Group to discuss and exchange
Release time: 2024-05-24 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Source: Office

May 23rd,Secretary of Xianyang Municipal Party Committee Xia Xiaozhong,Deputy Mayor Li Zhongping and his party went to Shaanxi stake betting appPharmaceutical Group to discuss and exchange。Secretary of the Party Committee of Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Group、Chairman Zou Manxu,Hui Shumin, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Zhang Asia,Party Committee Standing Needing Bing,Deputy General Manager He Yu、Zhu Yanbing attended the discussion。

Zou Manxu thanks to Xianyang Municipal Party Committee、The municipal government has long given Shaanxi Pharmaceutical's help and support,Introduced the basic situation of Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Group、The production and operation and project stake online sports bettingconstruction of salty enterprises and the future of the layout of the salty industry。Hope both partiesEstablish a normalized docking working mechanism,Accelerate the advancement of industrial projects under construction,Focus on the main business of the main responsibility, increase the comprehensive, with Xianyang CityMulti -domain、Deep cooperation,High -quality project investment,Realize the mutual benefit and win -win situation of corporate land。

Xia XiaozhongThank you for your positive contribution to the economic and social development of Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Group for his positive contribution,ThinkShaanxi Pharmaceutical Group and Xianyang City have a solid foundation,The industrial layout is highly fit,I hope that the two parties will establish a closer stake betting appcooperative relationship,Around HyundaiBiomedical, Chinese medicine, big health, medical equipmentand other industrial planning and implementation of a number of new projects。means that Xianyang City will fully optimize and improve the business environment,Provide high -quality services for Shaanxi stake betting appPharmaceutical Group to invest in Xianye。

Relevant departments of Xianyang City,Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Group related companies、The person in charge of the department attended the discussion。