Daqian fought for 50 days and double -half
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To fully implementThe Provincial Provincial High -quality Project Construction Promotion ConferenceSpirit,Stable development trend,firm development confidence,Strengthening the determination,stake online sports bettingRequirements for Shaanxi Pharmaceutical GroupAll ownership enterprisesPersevere problem -oriented,Focus on key projects、Key task continues,Fully strive for the economy, grasp the implementation, promote development, and achieve practical performanceMake sureIn the first half ofTarget taskImplementation of landing。The system of the system multiplied by the company,Tighten the strings of tightening efficiency to tighten the time,Strive sprint"Double Half Half", which has set off a large boom.

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The second quarter is the key stage of inheritance, at the distance"Double Half Half" 50 days of the key period, Global PrintingUp and downVigorously promote and practiceThe excellent style of "really do hard work and work hard",Full of hard work, hard work,Yi"Struggling performance" ensures that the target task in the first half of the year is implemented1 is to deepen party building and lead grass -roots governance workGrab strongConstruction My stake betting appof all -class party organizations,Continue to promote the standardized and standardized construction of party branches,Give play to the leading role of party buildingThe second is to stabilize the expansion and increase market development.PositiveParticipate in the China Medicine Fair, ShanghaiAPI exhibition、Shanghai Meijie Seeking a new breakthrough,Enhance the brand's influence while promoting marketing。Third is to fully complete the work of Lingfeng's trial operation,Make sure that relocating production is two mistakes。Establishing Lingfeng Global relocation project party members' assault team,Coordinated plan、Careful arrangement,Implement work details,Safe and orderly implementation equipment relocation work;Further strengthenAutomatic logistics of Lingfeng Factory,AGV, intelligent management systemConstructionaccelerate the release of production capacity.Fourth is to focus on the construction of key projects,Accelerate the cultivation of new productive forces。FocusTianjin Jinyin Lianxin Production R & D Base ProjectConstruction,Ensure that it is officially put into operation at the end of the third quarter; the bidding for the design unit of Debao (Airport New City) project in an orderly manner、Environmental Assessment、Anthology and other related workEmpower high -quality development with high -quality projectsFive is to strengthen risk prevention,PromotionCompliance operation.Continuous promotion of the construction of risk governance system,ReinforcementRisk early warning awareness,Optimize the internal control system,Strengthen compliance management,Building a risk defense line for business process,Guaranteed company's steady development。