Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Group 2024 legal compliance and risk prevention work will be held smoothly
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May 20,Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Group held the 2024 legal compliance and risk prevention work meeting。The Party Committee Secretary of the Group、Chairman Zou Stake Sports BettingManxu attended the meeting and spoke。Hui Shumin, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee, made a special report。Standing Committee of the Party Committee、Deputy General Manager Tang Shifeng chaired the meeting。

The meeting pointed out that Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Group is resolutely implementedProvincial Party Committee, Provincial GovernmentRelated decision -making deployment with the Provincial SASAC,Follow the new situation of the Group's reform and development、New task、New Requirements,Persist in large coordination、Big Ratings、Big Safety,Coordinating the construction of integration in accordance with the rule of law platform and risk prevention and control system。I got in the work of two years"Three Breakthroughs": Integrated in accordance with the Law Enterprise PlatformConstruction obtainedNew breakthrough; comprehensive risk management systemConstruction obtainedNew breakthroughs; new breakthroughs in the internal control system My stake betting appof Dajie compliance。Grab it"Six Acceleration": Accelerate the prevention and control measures for landing risks; accelerate the improvement of the internal control system; accelerate the effectiveness of service management; accelerate the quality and efficiency of legal review; accelerate the management of case disputes; accelerate the deepening of the "eighty -five" law missionFor Group"156" strategic goals and high -quality development provides a solid guarantee、I made positive contributions

The meeting emphasized,Full SystemWantFurther coordinating risk resolution and stable developmentLet itCatch as a systematic engineeringConsolidate the main responsibility,FollowStrengthen the supervision and management of contracts and sub -enterprises,SolidPromoting the construction of a compliance organization system,Strengthen the management work of the entire stage of the case,Tightly combining legal affairs with business,Fulfing richShaanxi MedicineGroup stake sports betting appcharacteristics of legal compliance culture.

MeetingRequirements, one isAdhere to the development of development, focus on value creation, always serve"156" strategic practice needs;The second isPersevere problem -oriented,Keep high vigilance,Highlight the risk governance of key links in key areas; the third is to adhere to systemic thinking,Keep the safety bottom line,Continuously improved large -scale compliance, large risk control supervision system; fourth is to adhere to effective orientation,layer layer solid responsibility,Make sure that various tasks and measures are implemented。

Group Assistant General Legal Consultant and head of the headquartersThe main person in charge of the owners and the leaders in charge of the rule of law、The person in charge of the legal affairs department attended the meeting。