Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Group Oriental Wisdom 900,000 tons of regenerative resource project officially launched
Release time: 2024-05-17 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Source: Oriental Wisdom

5month17Day,Oriental Wisdom in900,000 tons of renewable resource project parkA grand boot was heldActivity, Secretary of Xianyang Municipal Party CommitteeXia XiaozhongLead"The city's high -quality project construction and development zone improved quality and efficiency increase group"、Secretary of the Party Committee of Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Group、Chairman Zou Manxu visited the scene to witness the milestone time。Chairman of Oriental Smart Sun Xuejun chaired the booting activity。


Oriental Wisdom9010,000 tonsRegenerative ResourcesProjectBothYesGroup CompanyMajor project, also the provincial cityKey projectAdhering to"Limited Resource Limited Recycling Unlimited" business philosophy,Production of environmentally friendly packaging paper with recycled paper,Realize the use of green cycles of renewable resources,YesThe most in the northwest regionBigRegenerationCircular comprehensive utilization industrial base,For Shaanxi ProvinceConstruction of green low -carbon cycle developmentEconomySystemImplementation"Double Carbon" targetAdd new kinetic energy.

In the production workshop,The roar of the paper machine conveys the confidence and power of development,Oriental Wisdom stands at a new starting point and will alwaysAdhere to the primary task of high -quality development,Actively cultivate new productive forces,Efforts to improve product quality and core competitiveness of the enterprise,Practicing the original intention with struggle,Professional carrying mission,Leading the northwest paper industry is healthy and vigorous,forEconomic and social development of provinces and cities andShaanxi Pharmaceutical CollectionThe high -quality development stake betting appof the regiment contributes the power of oriental wisdom.


Xianyang Municipal Committee、The main leader of the municipal government、The main responsible comrades of the party and government in various districts and counties、Municipal departments are mainly responsible comrades, Shaanxi MedicineMembers of the Group's Leadership Team and the person in charge of relevant departments participate in the booting activity。