Experimental Safety accompany our drug standards in the heart-Shaanxi Pharmaceutical My stake betting appGroup Pharmaceutical Research Institute carried out theme party day activities
Release time: 2024-06-07 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Source: Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Research Institute

In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on production safety,ImplementationImplementing the group company、Research Institute's three -year action mobilization deployment meetingConference spirit,Further enhance the experimental safety awareness of party members in scientific research,Improve the standardization of the experimental operation。Recently,The Research Institute's Research Party Branch went to the Food and Drug Inspection and Research Institute of Shaanxi Province (hereinafter referred to as"Pharmaceutical Inspection Institute") Visit and study,Carry out "Experimental Security with us Drug Standard In mind"Theme party day event.

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In the event,The party members of the branch visited the Physical and Chemical Lab、Precision Instrument Lab、Microbiology Lab and small test workshopI heard the institutional explanation of the drug inspection institute in laboratory safety and compliance operations,and the staff of the relevant departments of the Drug Inspection Institute around the development of health food、The improvement of the quality of traditional Chinese medicine was discussed。

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branchAfter visiting and studying, party members have said that they will passBenActivityRealenhanced the standardization and safety awareness of the experimental operation,Thinking of the direction of research and development in health food and traditional Chinese medicineIn the future work, it will always maintain a high sense of responsibility and mission,Actively give play to the pioneering model of the Communist Party members,Love Gang dedication,Study forward,Make greater contributions to the high -quality development of the Institute。