Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Group Industrial Company organized the training of 2024 years of prosecutors
Release time: 2024-02-08 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Source: Industrial Company

In order to further improve the ability of grassroots discipline inspection cadres to perform their stake sports betting appduties,Give full play to the role of grass -roots supervision,On the morning of February 6,The Discipline Inspection Commission of the Industrial Corporation organizes the training of 2024 cadres。Company Party Committee Member、Discipline Inspection Secretary Li Yiling presided over and spoke。Member of the Discipline Inspection Commission、A total of 15 members of the party branches and disciplinary inspection cadres participated in training。

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This training is based on the newly revised "Regulations on the Disciplinary Action of the Communist Party of China",The party's 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has been comprehensively strengthening the party's discipline construction as the entry point of this training.。Drives the "Regulations on Disciplinary Inspection and Supervision Cadres in Violations of Disciplinary and Supervisory Cadres", "Important Sensitive Public Opinion Cope of Disciplinary Inspection and Supervision Work", "Regarding forwarding"Notice on the three typical issues of spiritual spirit in violation of the central government> The notice of continuously deepening the implementation of the spirit of the eight regulations of the Central Committee。

Conference emphasized,Grassroots disciplinary inspection cadres should take this training as an opportunity,"Study in the front", "Shouji is the first", "accurate discipline",Strengthen supervision and discipline accountability,to improve work standardization、rule of law、Level of regularization。

Meeting requirements, all disciplinary cadresstake online sports bettingPerseverance uses Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics to cast souls,Perseverance Study and implementation、Provincial、Group Discipline Inspection Commission's spiritual requirements,Persist in learning and use, and focus on improving the effectiveness of learning.Two:Strict prevention"Four Winds" occurred. Near the Spring Festival holiday, it is tightPay attention to key minority, key positions, often supervised and reminded.Three:Always maintain"You don't have to be in me,Gongcheng must have me ".、The mental state of never slacming,Create "absolute loyalty、Absolute purity、Absolutely reliable "disciplinary cadre team,escort for high -quality development for industrial companies。