Beijing Jiuqi Software Company Zhu Xiaojun, Vice President of Zhu Xiaojun, stake sports betting appwent to Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Group to exchange discussions
Release time: 2023-02-28 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Source: Finance Management Department

On the afternoon of February 24th, Beijing Jiuqi Software CompanyVice President Zhu XiaojunOne line7 people visit Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Group,A discussion of the two parties on the construction of the group's financial informatization。The Minister of Finance Management Wu Jiangwen, the Minister of Finance Management, presided over the meeting。

Will on the way,The two parties closely focus on helping the group's digital intelligence construction transformation and upgrading,Establish a long -term cooperation mechanism,In -depth exchanges and discussions on financial information related issues,ShareSuccessful experience in the construction of related projects,Accelerate stake sports betting appthe release of financial information platform efficiency,Promote the financial management work of the group to a new level,Promote the quality and efficiency of enterprises。

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In the next step, both parties will cooperate closely,Conversion of the successful case of the information construction of the central enterprises and the state -owned enterprise of the central enterprise,Configuration of resources as the core,Keep risk,Pursue value,Establish a digital intelligence system with Shaanxi medicine characteristics,Effectively give full play to the foresight of finance。Promote the Group to establish a sound comprehensive budget、Finance Intelligence、Compliance control、Capability Evaluation of the Management System of the Four in Ones。

All Financial Management Department,Real Estate Pai Ang Medicine、Global Printing、The financial leaders of the Chinese Medicine Industry Investment Company and other companies participated in the discussion。