Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Group launches the Spring Festival condolences
My stake betting appRelease time: 2024-02-08 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Source: Mass Work Department (Youth League Committee)

As the Spring Festival of the Dragon is about to arrive,Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Group launches the Spring Festival condolences,Visit the old leader、Old party member、Models and Difficulties in Life、Difficulty employees,Send them the care of the organization and the blessing of the Chinese New Year。

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Group Party Secretary of the Group、Chairman Zou Manxu condolences to the old leader of the group、Provincial model workers, etc.,Express the holiday greeting to them,Frequently with them、Talk about changes、Ultimate Development,In the Sheng of Lai'an、Zhai Riqiang and other condolences and exchanges,Zou Manxu reviewed the operation of the group's past year,stake sports betting appIntroduce the new measures taken by the Group in terms of steady growth,New progress achieved in the six major sectors,New breakthroughs in major projects,Thanks for their outstanding contributions in the past,and listen to their suggestions on the development of the future group。Old comrades are rightThe achievements achieved by the group in 2023 are fully affirmed,Indicates that it will care about and support the group's work,Delivery of wisdom,jointly promote the Group's high -quality development。

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Come on for days,Members of the leadership team of Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Group led the responsible comrades of the headquarters and department to go to various owners,Continuous Spring Festival condolences,Effectively send the care stake online sports bettingand warmth of the organization to their hearts,Practice the people -centered development concept with practical actions。