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In -depth study and implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech and important instructions for party discipline and education,Further improves the thoughts and consciousness of all party members、Political Consciousness and Action Consciousness,According toRequirements for the implementation plan of party discipline learning and education by higher -level party committees,The secretary of the party branches of the State Control Shaanxi Company use the special party class as the carrier,Promoting party discipline learning and education is deeply practical.

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May 27,National Control Shaanxi Company First Party Branch held a party member meeting,Carrying out the theme party day event of "Learning Ji Zhi Ji Ji Ji Ji Ji Clean and Cleaning"。Secretary of the Party Branch Jia Siying told a special party lesson with the title of "Adhering to the Strict Promotion of Party Discipline Learning and Education",Organized party members original,Learn the newly revised "Regulations on the Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China" and conduct discussions。

The significance of Jia Siying from carrying out party discipline learning and education,Learning the requirements of the new revision of the Regulations and how to carry out detailed interpretation of party discipline learning and education in detail,Requires all party members to deeply understand the connotation of the revised content,Strictly obey the party's discipline,Responsibility for performing duties,Drays a,Strengthen the consciousness of party members,Keep in mind party members"First Identity", always play the role of the pioneer of party members.

Party members have said,will take this special party class learning as an opportunity,Study stake sports betting app"stake online sports bettingRegulations" carefully,Strengthen discipline and rules awareness,Model abide by party rules and regulations,A new era qualified party member who is disciplined and disciplines。

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The Party Branch of Shangluo Company

The party branch of Shangluo Company is carried out"Study Ji、Zhiji、Mingji、Shouji "Party Member Conference and theme party day event,Meeting,Deputy General Manager Lin Yajun led the General Secretary Xi Jinping's soberness and firmness of "keeping solving the unique problem of the big party at all times,Important speech to the end of the party's great self -revolution,Further stimulate the enthusiasm of party members and cadres officers to start a business、Activity and creativity。

Secretary of the Party Branch Zhao Weiping uses the "Opinion of the Chapters Performance of Digo Responsibility as Pioneer "as the theme,Basic requirements and responsibilities from party members、Su Jie Ji,Establish a good image、Responsibility for performing duties,Fight as the Pioneer of the Times、Strengthen organizational discipline,Future for the future、Continue to improve yourselfQuality, etc.Six aspects of a vivid party lesson,and organize the party members to carry out the branch of the branch2024New YearAmendment of the "Regulations on Disciplinary Action of the Communist Party of China" should be known to the knowledge test and answer。

Meeting requirements,The "Regulations" that have been studied and implemented as the current important political task should be used,Consciously study and implement the "Regulations" and study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's comprehensive and strict governance of the party、A combination of important expositions of strengthening disciplinary construction,The theory of governing the party in the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China、Combination of practical My stake betting appand stake online sports bettinginstitutional innovation results,Combining and learning party constitution and party rules,Improve ideological understanding,Master the core essence,Promoting application conversion。

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Consumption Company Party Branch

May 27,Consumption Company Party Branch has carried out the theme party day event of "practical can we dream of becoming true"。The branch secretary Mo Wen used Premier Zhou Enlai's clean deeds as the opening chapters of party discipline education,Teach the "Clean Language model-Zhou Enlai" special party lesson for all party members,and led all party members to learn the spirit of "General Secretary Xi Jinping in the National Model Representative Symposium"。

Conference emphasized,No matter how historical changes,No matter how the times develop,Diligence and integrity will always be the call of the times,All party members must always take the sages and great men as examples,The ability to continuously enhances corruption and resistance and resist risks,Executive grasp of the significant significance of carrying out party discipline learning and education。

All party members combined with learning content,Discussion in combination with work。Everyone said,will continue to refine the party nature、Pure Party Wind、Yan Ming Party Discipline,Commonly creating consumables companies' positive political ecological environment,Promote the development of the party in an all -round way to develop in depth。

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Third Party Branch

In order to further strengthen the discipline and rules of party members,Improve the ideological and political quality of party members。May 30,The Third Party Branch carried out the theme party day activity of "Deepering the Party Discipline and Party Regulations to Strate and Strengthen the Responsible Response"。

Secretary of the Party branch Ma Ying from major significance、Main content and spiritual essence, stake sports betting stake sports betting appappteach the newly revised "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China"。She pointed out,The newly revised "Regulations" reflect the new requirements of the Party Central Committee for the party's discipline construction,It is an important measure to strengthen the party's disciplinary construction。All party members should fully implement the 20th spirit of the party,Carry out a good party discipline study and education,Victoring sentences and sentencesLearning"Regulations"。Real work should be connected closely,Put yourself in、Put the job in、Put the question in,Further strict political discipline and political rules。

Party members to learn one by one "Regulations",Speaking in exchange for learning content。Through this study,Deepen the party members of the branch to deepen the deep understanding and understanding of the Regulations,Everyone said,It will further build political loyalty,Efforts to make self -revolution、Standard of the discipline of the rules,Always maintain the advancedness and purity of the Communist Party members。

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Baoji Branch Party Branch

The Party Branch of the Baoji Branch held a branch learning meeting,branch secretary Zhao Yangzhu's connotation and meaning of party discipline education、The main content of party discipline learning and education、The implementation path of party disciplinary study and education has taught all party members to stake sports betting stake sports betting appappteach the newly revised "Regulations on the Disciplinary Action of the Communist Party of China"。It is required to take the lead in learning,Ensure that the party discipline learning and education is developed in an orderly manner。All party members must make full use of modern information technology,Extending learning method,Effectively transform the learning results into a realistic measure to implement the responsibilities and business indicators of this post。

branch members stake betting apphave Stake Sports Bettingstated that they should engrave the party's discipline in their hearts,Internalization of integrity and self -discipline、Externalization,Not touch"Bottom Line",Do not get the "red line",Enhanced the consciousness of refusing corruption and prevention,Give play to the role of the pioneer of party members。

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Ankang Company Party Branch

The Secretary of the Party Branch of Ankang Company Wang Rihua"Fighting conviction to abide by the party discipline" as the title,It is a member of all party branches、Leaders at the company to teach party discipline learning and education special party lessons,Study Ji、Zhiji、Mingji、Four aspects of Shouji,Understanding and understanding of party discipline regulations,Disciplinary consciousness and rules for detailed interpretation,Through vivid cases and profound analysis,Guide all party members to think in depth how to practice the party's discipline and rules in daily work。

Conference emphasized,All party members should use discipline as a ruler,Strictly examine the right and right,willParty discipline learning educationIncorporate daily、Grab in frequent,Convert the discipline of iron into a habit,Implementing compliance with political discipline and political rules into work,To"I don't move in the temptation of micro -profit,Not dazzling with the confusion of five colors ",Continuously enhanced fixed force,Raise Qi,Strive to write a new chapter in high -quality development of National Control Ankang Company。

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