Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Group Pharmaceutical Research Institute organizes the party's discipline and education special party lesson
Release time: 2024-05-14 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Source: Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Group Medical Research Institute

In order to further strengthen the newly revised "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") study and implementation,May 11, Shaanxi MedicineGroup MedicineResearch InstituteCompanyParty Secretary and Chairman Ren Jianping"Persist in stake betting appstrict tone,Comprehensive strengthening of party discipline construction "as the theme of party discipline education and education special party lessons。Team members、The person in charge of each department,Secretary of the party branch and members of each party branch attended the party lesson.

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Ren Jianping revolves around the party's fine tradition、Comprehensive and strictly governing the party to develop in depth、Learning resultsconversionThree aspects of effectiveness, from shallow to deep, from point and faceI took a vivid party lesson for the comradesDeeply stake betting appstudy and implement the "Regulations" for all party members and cadres,Continuously strengthen discipline consciousness、Strengthen self -restraint,Improving immune capacity, enhanced political determination, disciplinary determinationMoralityand Rotten Power, it has played a great hugePromotion.

Ren Jianping emphasized,The majority of party members and cadres must study the "Regulations",and being carried out"Ten Disadvantages of Style" Self -checking and self -correction、Improper wind stake online sports bettingand stake sports betting appcorruption problems around the masses,and the work of continuous advancement style capacity building and other work combined,More active learning, Zhiji, Ming Ji, Shouji,Building a line of ideological defense, takeKeeping the rulesCarved in the heart,Constantly enhance the actions of party rules and discipline correction thoughts,Internalizes the party discipline and party rules to the heart、Externalization,Let Party discipline study education,Become the scientific and technological innovation of the Institute for further activation"New Power Energy",Become a powerful force to promote the high -quality development of the Institute。